Reinventing the Animation Pre-Production Pipeline from VR to 3D


Instructions for downloading VR files: 

  • Oculus headset and Touch controls are required
  • Download the Quill App from the Oculus Store
  • Download the entire folder for each button (i.e. "City Quill Download")
  • Load the file within the Quill app by going into the menu and 'Open File' and select (i.e. "city")
  • Explore by zooming in and out and being in the VR illustration world
  • However if you do not have access to these files, I did record a fly through of what it's like to be in the world in video format. 

This is a VR illustration that I created using an app called Quill. I used my initial sketch (look below) to inspire me to illustrate in the VR world. I had a headset on and illustrated by using the touch controllers.

This is the initial sketch of what inspired how I wanted my VR world to be. It's the first step in the pipeline. 

The second step of the pipeline to get to a better understanding of the world using color and light. It's a clearer idea of the VR world and I used the two references to guide me in my VR world creation. 

Bringing it into 3D 

After creating the world in VR, I exported the geos into fbx files and imported the files into maya.

You can download the fbx files here:

You can download the Maya files here:

The final camera render using Maya of the diner scene can be found here: 

The pipeline will allow the show creators, directors, producers, and artists to be able to get a better grasp of the story and world that they will be working in. With the immersive illustration, people can understand how the world is built and then bring those assets for basic layout purposes using Maya. The layout artists can get a better idea of the pitch and utilize the tool for better storytelling.