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About Rachel Yedam Kim

Photography courtesy of Lumin.

Rachel Yedam Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She is a graduate of University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts in Media Arts + Practice and minor in 3D Computer Graphics and Modeling.

Currently, she is an Assistant Production Manager at Warner Bros. Animation, working on DC animated movies! All super top secret stuff but she swears they’re going to be AWESOME!

She has worked on various projects which she produced, directed, and designed. During her senior year, she produced a thesis project to create an entire imaginary world in Virtual Reality and to bring the world into Augmented Reality, and start conversations about the integration of the two media to pitch ideas in the animation industry. You can check out the project here: http://www.yedamkim.com/thesis

When she isn't drawing, you can find her taking street photography, editing wedding videos, and drinking a little too much coffee.

Visit http://map.usc.edu/ to learn more about Media Arts + Practice.

Email: rachelyedamkim@gmail.com

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