the people project

Rachel Yedam Kim Adobe Creative Residency Application

The drawings below showcase the people I've encountered while living in Los Angeles. The People Project illustrates the strangers' everyday lives and captures what they do on a normal day. I hope it shows how beautiful everyone's lives are and introduces the audience to the small things in life. Through the Adobe Creative Residency, I hope to capture other people in different cultures and communities and illustrate their lifestyles. This project will display the beauty in the simple things in life and allow the audience to explore different parts of the world through others doing their everyday activities. 



I've always been fascinated by people and love to hear stories about their everyday lives. The first thing I like to ask my friends when I see them is how their day is going and what they did that day. I want to hear about every small things because it makes them who they are. Through these drawings I want to continue to capture the mundane things in their life to truly understand and share their life stories with the rest of the world. 



My subjects are mostly people I see or meet by chance. Wherever I go I see someone who I can learn from. I grew up in South Korea and I know how vast this world is. Everyone has some kind of story to tell even if it's not spectacular. This allows people to be reminded of the beauty of this world because of the people that make it. 



I bring my iPad everywhere I go because I know that I will always run into some who is interesting. I love talking to strangers in cafes or just waiting by the bus stop and hearing their life stories. I try to capture every detail about them - their mannerisms, their clothing, their posture, everything- and illustrate that to capture their essence. For the project I want to continue to explore different communities and understand people's lives by asking, by observing with Adobe Sketch or Photoshop. 


I've been inspired by Humans of New York and how the photographer captures the uniqueness of New York, however I would love to explore the mundane normal lives of other people in their cultures and be able to illustrate that with beauty and simplicity.


Final product

The illustrations of the people will be published in a book form with chapters categorizing in different states/countries/communities. Each chapter will represent the people I met/saw there and have stories of their everyday lives. I hope to talk to the people I draw and ask what their normal day is like. Besides the book form, it will also live as a website also divided into different communities with the hover function introducing the stories. Viewers can also follow along my journey through instagram where I will share the illustrating process and allow others to see the world filled with amazing people doing everyday things. 


Thank you